Riva Rivamare

Unmistakable elegance and design shine through the masterpieces that have made the history of sailing and custom: Aquariva Super and Aquarama. Rivamare continues Carlo Riva’s dream: to always build the most beautiful boat. 38 feet of style and technology, made of sinuous, sleek lines, where legend and modernity combine with class to create a sporty motorboat that sedcuces at first glance.

The legend is renewed without distortion, inspired by the Aquariva icon and without betraying its identity. Layered crystal, stainless steel, polished mahogany and cutting-edge technologies in 11.88 metres of pure perfection. Beautiful inside too: the interior is a luxurious open space that has been given tailor-like attention.

Once again Riva and Brooklin Models come together, to create a fantastic model of the new nautical icon. The Rivamare in miniature is a dream come true, inimitable in its replication of lines, unique design and styling details. Made entirely of pure metal, the new object of desire is incredibly faithful to the original, targeting enthusiasts who want to add a truly precious gem to their collection.



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