The standard 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V Convertible (BRK57) was released in March 1996 and deleted in 2009. It is finished in polaris white with cream/red interior, yellow license plate and whitewall tyres. For the last batch the body of the anniversary version was used with a different shade of white. This model has separate chrome door handles and narrow whitewall tyres. The chrome behind the rear seats is a little smaller and the two white parts on each side are separated and not cast with the body.




This Factory Special came in March 2000 and was a top-up version of the 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V Convertible. This top-up version is finished in a color that the Ford Company called maple leaf, actually it's a deep maroon metallic. It has more brown tones than the maroon of the BRK18 Packard and the earlier Wessex models. The interior of this special is finished in a two-tone platinum gold and pale mauve. The top is a deep shade of ivory and the baseplate is inscribed "Limited Edition Factory Special". 800 of this factory special were produced.



Brooklin Models marked its 30th Anniversary in 2004 by releasing four special models reflecting the history of the company and also that of American styling and design. The rarest of these is the 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V Convertible that was presented to visitors to the factory on May 21, 2004. The body is finished in very pale gold metallic with black convertible top. Just 100 of these special models were produced, individually numbered on the baseplate and limited to one model for each Brooklin collector who visited the factory. Specific numbers could not be requested, but were determined by randomly drawing a number. It was packaged in a special black leatherette box with gold label reading "1960 Lincoln Continental BRK57X Anniversary Model, Limited Edition 1 of 100”. Models chosen by the factory to represent four decades of American automobile classics were the BRK100X 1934 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow Coupe for the 1930's, the BRK105X 1947 Cadillac Series 62 Sedanet for the 1940's, the BRK110X 1952 Chrysler Newport for the 1950's and the BRK57X 1960 Lincoln Continental Convertible for the 1960's. Each model was produced in 999 pieces, except for the BRK57X which was made in only 100 pieces.



Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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