About Us

For over 40 years Brooklin have built white metal models to an ever improving standard. Through our models we aim to tell the story of the automobile industry, its successes and failures, its icons and disasters, the luxurious and mundane. These are not just models, they are Brooklins! During the late seventies, Brooklin was amongst many white metal artisans creating models of American and European cars in 1:43 scale.

Even in those early days Brooklin was different with models never offered as kits but always fully built and ready to display. Half a century later Brooklin is the last of those companies and continues to build high quality models, still made in England and still eagerly sought after by those fortunate enough to know about this unique place of creative model-making.

Forty years bring great changes and new developments in technology have ensured ever-greater degrees of accuracy and finesse. But the same simple principles remain: highly skilled artists creating original masters from brass, working to drawings and photographs supplied from many hours spent with real vehicles, talking with owners and other expert historians.

Nestling in the corner of a small Industrial Estate in the Historic city of Bath, Brooklin has 5,000 square feet of production areas and currently around twenty-five skilled staff who continue to celebrate those exciting decades of automobile production that in many ways shaped the world we live in today.

Our Staff



Each model is hand made by skilled and experienced staff, some of whom have worked at Brooklin Models for more than 20 years. Experienced staff is essential to creating these white metal models.

Brooklin Models started over 40 years ago in a basement with little more than passion and enthusiasm. Today, that same spirit is at the core of every model we make and drives us to an ever-improving standard.

Due to our handmade production we can only make a limited number of models every month. Our work is very time consuming and makes every piece is a work of art.

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