Brasilia Press, located in Elkhart, Indiana, is the US, Canadian and Brazilian distributor for Brooklin since 1979. Paul Bender, owner of the company, commissioned several special models to the Brooklin factory. The first special, released in 1985, was a 1935 Dodge Van (BRK16) in black with black fenders, cream interior and wheels, with the Sears name in black on yellow background on the side panels. The Sears van was initially made with separate running boards, later models have the running boards part of the chassis. The production run was 750 pieces and they may have blue, yellow or green license plate. Some can be found with black radiator.


The second special, released in1986, was again a 1935 Dodge Vans in maroon with black fenders, cream interior and maroon wheels, with the words "Drink Dr. Pepper - Good for Life" on the side panels in white script. The license plate is blue or yellow. 750 pieces were produced.


The third special was released in 1990 and is a 1935 Dodge Pick-up (BRK16X) in yellow, with black fenders and interior and yellow wheels. The Brasilia Press logo appears on the doors and the words “Importers of the finest miniature automobiles” on the bed. The load in the truck bed is a simulation of cartons of Brooklin models ready for delivery. 750 specials were produced.


Another special, released in 1991, was the 1953 Pontiac Van (BRK31) in white with maroon interior, featuring the logo of the La Salle Flower Group, in Chicago, Illinois, on the side panels and the addresses of their two shops on the doors. The lettering is done in maroon, matching the wheels and the interior. With its wide whitewall tyres, the overall appearance of this special is in line with the light delicateness of a florist shop. A total of 750 pieces were produced, but 250 were later modified with decals replaced by the Bender’s Wholesale.


Paul Bender had the authorization from the Brooklin factory to re-decal 250 of their earlier La Salle Florist Van with decal bearing the logo for Bender's Wholesale Distributors Inc. on the side panels. The decal further clarifies that this company deals with adhesives, paints, solvents, coatings, cleaners and vinyls. The words "General Offices Elkhart, Indiana" appear on the doors in black and the red and black logo is repeated on the rear door.


Brasilia Press released a special Police training vehicle, a 1953 Studebaker Commander Starliner (BRK32) in white with beige interior and black steering wheel. A black shield is found on the doors with the words "Indiana State Police" in yellow. Above the shield are the words "Safety Education" also in yellow. Numbering 750 pieces, the Studebaker features a siren/emergency light on the roof with hailing speakers on either side.


The 1994 World Cup Football Championships were held in the United States. Brasilia Press commissioned a special Code 2 Brooklin to commemorate the Brazilian fourth victory, a 1957 Ford Fairlane (BRK35) in Brazil's colors of green and yellow. Paul Bender received permission from the Brooklin factory to apply decals to 94 of C.T.C.S.’s 1991 specials, the beautiful metallic green Ford Skyliner with gold flash that was the perfect medium for displaying Brazil’s green and gold colors. The interior colors, license plates and base-plate of the original special have been retained. This Ford Skyliner is the only sports-related Brooklin special and it commemorates a notable event, the coming of football at an international level to the United States.


Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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