Since its beginning, in 1980, the Old Toyland Shows has been consistently organizing quality shows dealing with old and vintage collectible toys and toy car models across USA. The show promoter of this well known company is John Carlisle and he aims at creating an extraordinary meeting place for vintage toy collectors, antique dealers and toy enthusiasts thus providing them with great deals and a wonderful experience. The company is located in New York and organizes their regular events, the Toy Collectors Show, in various cities in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, New Jersey and other states. Also, it organizes the Toledo Collectors Toy Fair, another very popular show that takes place on a regular basis. Four special Brooklin models were commissioned by John Carlisle for these events in 1979, 1984 and 1987.

The first special belonging to the John Carlisle set is a Ford Van, made in Canada, for the 1979 Toledo Toy Show, held in March 1979. It is done in beige with tan interior, tan wheels and blackwall tyres. Production numbered 213 pieces. This special is distinctive in not only being the first Brooklin promotional, but also for having a separate cast metal plate on ridged side panels reading “Toledo Toy Show March 11th 1979 Maumee Ohio”. Two different shades of tan are known to exist.


The second piece of Old Toyland Show is a Ford Van done for the 1984 Old Toyland Show, totaling 100 pieces. It is done in red with light beige interior and whitewall tyres on red wheels, with yellow lettering saying “Allentown Boston Buffalo”. The logo of the Old Toyland Show is found on the side panels. This model is also known with black wheels and tan interior.


This 1937 Chevrolet Coupe in apple green with light beige interior was done for the 1987 Toledo Toy Fair held in Maumee, Ohio. The words "1987 Toledo Collectors Toy Fair - Worth a trip from anywhere - Worldwide" are present on the trunk lid in yellow and the Old Toyland fire engine logo in yellow is found on the doors. 100 of these models were made.


A Dodge Van was commissioned in 1987 for the Old Toyland Show, Lockport, New York. Numbering 100 pieces, it is done in yellow with red fenders, red interior, red wheels and red lettering. The logo of the Old Toyland Shows is found on the side panels, with lettering saying “Cleveland Pittsburgh Connecticut” on the doors.


Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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