Maidenhead, Berkshire, is a small town in southern England, just west of London. The Maidenhead Static Model Club is a long-standing collectors organization, founded in 1969 by Mike and Sue Richardson. At the time slot car racing was the big thing and to differentiate from it the new club emphasised the “static” aspect. The M.S.M.C. has commissioned a few Brooklin specials over the years, all of which have been quite distinctive. A few specials were released for Christmas time.

The first M.S.M.C. Brooklin special, commissioned in 1983, was a Dodge Van (BRK16) finished in dark navy blue, with black fenders, tan interior and dark blue wheels. The words "Maidenhead Static Model Club" appears on the side panels in white and the club’s circular logo is found on the doors, also in white. Just 100 Dodge Vans were produced each numbered on the baseplate.




What better way to say "Merry Christmas" than with a Brooklin model? That was the idea of the Maidenhead Static Model Club in 1985 when they commissioned 150 Ford Vans (BRK9) finished in white with dark blue interior and blackwall tyres on dark blue wheels. The "Maidenhead Static Model Club" name is found on the side panels in blue and the club logo is on the doors. The box is a special one made up just for this model, featuring sprigs of holly at the four corners, Merry Christmas 1985 on the left, the club logo in the center and M.S.M.C. Membership No. on the right.





In 1989 the M.S.M.C. commissioned a 1941 Packard Clipper (BRK18) as their annual Brooklin special, done in olive drab with white stars on the roof and doors and appropriate identification numbers, which represent the date of the convention, 27th January 1989 (27189). The model is meant to represent the staff car used by General Douglas MacArthur (U.S. Army) during World War II. M.S.M.C.’s color choice reveals many of the Clipper’s body details that are otherwise unnoticed on the standard maroon Packard. The tyres are black and the model comes in a plain cream box with number.




In December 1992 the M.S.M.C. commissioned a Brooklin special which was released for the Christmas holiday season. Based on the 1954 Dodge 500 (BRK30) , it is done in flame red with white interior, dashboard and tonneau, black steering wheel, white license plate. In the front seat is a somewhat slender figure of Santa Claus and in the rear seat is a brown sack of gifts and a green Christmas tree. Quite a bit of hand detailing was done at the factory, as Santa's hat has white fur trim, his face and hands are done in flesh and the sack of gifts has some detail of color. This was the first Brooklin produced that featured a cast figure. A total of 200 pieces were produced for club members.




Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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