The first edition of the 1951 Packard Mayfair (BRK55) was released in November 1995 and deleted in June 1997. It is finished in maroon with cream roof, red interior, black license plate. In June 1997 the second edition was released with added driver door mirror, identified as BRK55A. The color is beige with grey green roof, green interior and green license plate. It was deleted in 2004.




Dale Dannefer released the third model in his Viva La Carrera series in June 2000. The model, BRK55-1, is the 1951 Packard 250 Mayfair Two-door Hardtop. This version is a Code 2 and what a difference. To begin with, the model is a two-tone dark blue and white. The blue portion begins at the front bumper, outlines the grille, covers the raised section of the hood, all of the top and the trunk. This is the first such drastic two-toning to come from Brooklin Models. There are many other differences between the La Carrera Packard and the standard Packard. The grille has been simplified with removal of the grille teeth. In this form it resembles that of the 200 Series rather than the 250 Series which constituted the Mayfair Hardtop and the Convertible. The cormorant hood ornament has been removed for better racing aerodynamics and the paint has been removed from the body side moldings, leaving them metallic chrome. Other changes include blackwall tyres on white racing wheels with no wheel covers, elimination of the three rear fender "bottle cap openers", deletion of the fender skirts and simplification of the trunk-mounted rear emblem. Racing lap belts have been added to the grey interior. Additionally, the model is adorned with decals for "La Carrera Panamericana", America's Packard Museum (Dayton, Ohio), Citizen's Motor Car Company, the official race number 304 from Corona for 1995, applied over a 1994 number, America's Race Team Packard, an American flag, and Davis Engines. Also, a decal changes the license plates to “COLORADO 91K 94”, the home of the race car builder. Production of the La Carrera Packard model was 200 units, with each model hand-numbered on the baseplate. Some models have slightly different decals on the doors and sides.



The 1951 Packard Mayfair was utilized as the base for the third model in the Viva La Carrera series. The racing version appropriately came without the fender skirts. After the run of 200 models was completed, some of these body castings were integrated back into the standard BRK55 stock, leading to a very limited number of "standard" 1951 Packard Mayfairs leaving the factory without skirts. Another difference seems to be the rear license plate, which is a darker green than the front and on the original issue. Probably no more than 100 skirtless Packards were produced.



Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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