Riva Aquarama

Saying Aquarama is like saying perfection on water. Born in the Sixties, Aquarama went on to become a celebrity in its own right, an icon which nearly the entire world soon fell in love with: actors, sporting heroes, and celebrities form the enternainment industry coveted, bought and showed off these boats.

A boat, a symbol, a means of inspiration and ambition. Those who think of a perfect boat made of mahogany wood immediately think of Aquarama, a cult of the nautical world able of making the most of the immensity of the sea. Riva chose Brooklin to craft a model that would be worthy of representing the essence and passion of this iconic masterpiece. But this alone would not be enough, Riva challenged Brooklin to represent the Aquarama in its purest form to display the unquestionable elegance of its design.

The model is entirely crafted in pure metal with little use of colour. This project was conceived to give new life to the legend of Aquarama and the opportunity for enthusiasts to own this unique piece.

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