Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Speciale Tipo Le Mans


Brooklin has produced this beautiful sports car in two scales, firstly 1:43rd scale which can be considered the obvious and most widely accepted scale for model cars. Secondly we liked the idea of creating a larger version with a length of 150mm or 6 inches, this larger scale is definitely more imposing and allows us to present the model in a stunning brushed “pure metal” finish.
The idea for this finish was that the model would demonstrate the glorious design of this vehicle in its purist form. Now this may sound a little pretentious but it really works and this model now has a “sculpture” value that is further complimented by its technical accuracy. We also understand that some enthusiasts may prefer there models in painted livery and this option is also available for this 1:31 scale Alfa.

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