This vehicle is a cooperative venture from Ford and Marmon-Herrington, a provider of four-wheel drive conversions and it is based on the 1952 Ford F1 Delivery Van. The casting was significantly modified to produce a Marmon-Herrington Ford Ranger (BRK42B). Changes to the van include chrome side and rear door handles, an outside mirror, black bumpers and a painted grille. The baseplate has been modified to show the all-wheel drive. The standard version of the Ford Ranger was produced in August 2001 following two special editions. It is a Colorado State Police vehicle with the emblem on the doors, an aerial and a siren on the roof. It was deleted in 2004.





For the 12th anniversary of the S.F.B.B.C. Brooklin Models produced a very special edition of the 1952 Ford F1 Delivery Van, the Ranger version, finished in brown with maroon interior. The gold arrowhead shield of the National Park Service appears on the side and rear doors. "Yosemite National Park" and “Tioga Road Project” appear on the rear fenders in gold. Only 200 Ranger were produced with "S.F.B.B.C. 2000 1 of 200" cast in the baseplate.





The second release from Brooklin in 2001 was a three-piece racing set. It consisted of a 1957 Ford Thunderbird race car on a roll-on trailer towed by a 1952 Ford F1 Ranger. The race car and the tow vehicle are in matching medium blue and racing livery. Both the van and the Thunderbird appear with large oval "Ford" decals. The “Speed Weeks” Ranger sports a plated rack on the roof and the baseplate reads "BRK FS01". Completing this set is a four-wheel roll-on trailer in dull aluminum color with stops on the bed to hold the Thunderbird in place. Drive-up ramps are also included.




Robert Budig, owner of Model Car Budig in Berlin and a Brooklin dealer, commissioned a hearse to be built utilizing the 1952 Ford F1 Ranger. The model is finished in black with grey interior and has the large rear side windows. The windows are heavily curtained and a dark brown coffin may be seen inside through the windshield. License plates read "BUD 38". Four short poles come with the vehicle for mounting in the four corners of the roof. These poles are not ornamental but are for mounting feathers. A total of 300 of these Ford F1 Hearses were produced.