This model was originally introduced as the Shelby Mustang in 1986, but was deleted in 1988 due to licensing problems with Carroll Shelby. The standard edition is finished in metallic blue, with white markings, mag type wheels and racing air scoops. Tyres are blackwall. Approximately 5000 of these models were produced.





Marc Mosko, Chairman of Model Expo which has been in the model kit and collectibles business since 1976, created in 1993 a nation-wide introductory promotion for a 1/16th scale Japanese plastic model kit of the 1968 Shelby GT500. The first prize was a restored real 1968 Shelby GT500. For the second prize he flew to Bath to visit Brooklin Models and asked John Hall to make a model of the 1968 Shelby GT500. John agreed but insisted that 250 models be produced. Marc accepted and decided to offer 240 second prizes in the sweepstakes and keep 10 for spares. To add value to the product and promotion he contacted Caroll Shelby and asked that he endorse the sweepstakes by allowing his signature to be cast into the undercarriage of the Brooklin model. The nationally advertised sweepstakes was a success and the big 1/16th scale GT500 plastic kits were sold out. A farmer from Arkansas won the real GT500 and the 240 special Brooklin Shelby GT500s went to new owners around the country. None of these models was ever offered for resale, most of them fell into the hands of non-collectors and ended becoming toys for children. What happened to the other 10 models? In the early 1990’s Marc was approached by an anonymous collector who offered him $5000 for five of the models. One was re-shipped to a sweepstakes winner who insisted that he never received his prize. Three were sold to collectors on ebay in 2012 and one is probably still in Marc possession.   





The blue Shelby Mustang was replaced by the standard 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback in 1988, which was designated BRK24A. This model shows the loss of the various racing air scoops and the mag type wheels. It is finished in an orange shade of red with a black interior and blackwall tyres. A dark red color variation exists. It was deleted in March 1993.





The B.C.D. 3rd special was a unique version of the 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback Coupe in dark green, as driven by Steve McQueen in the movie “Bullitt”. The car is authentically re-created, with dark green body, black interior, blacked out grille and mag-type wheels. The interior features a three-spoke steering wheel, and more importantly, a seated Omen figure of Steve McQueen himself, dressed as seen in the movie in a turtle-neck shirt, sport coat and black denim pants. And finally, not only is Steve McQueen's exterior accurate, so is his car's, as the Brooklin factory has added a final touch of detail, mud spatters behind each tyre, produced by the famous car-chase through the streets and over the hills of the city of San Francisco. Only 250 were produced with “B.C.D. 1 of 250” cast in base and none of them are painted exactly alike. 10 models were modified (Code 3) with extra chrome by Hohmann & Lohmann for B.C.D..





A Code 3 1968 Ford Mustang has been produced in 1989 by Bob van Maaren, the owner of a diecast model car shop in Holland called Modeltechniek. This model is a top-down convertible configuration, with a diecast piece representing a tonneau cover. The majority of the Modeltechniek Mustangs have body finished in metallic blue, with a matching interior. The seats are set off from the body of the car by white inner door panels and the white tonneau cover. The windshield frame has been metal foiled and stock wheel covers are found on whitewall tyres. 250 of the blue version were produced and an additional 50 were finished in black with red interior, all with serial number on the boxes.






The M.M.A. is a small group of model car collectors formed in 1969 in Buffalo, New York. They organize an annual show and in 1994 they made another special for their 25th anniversary. They used the Ford Mustang GT, purchased on the open market. These models were cleaned, primed and painted silver. A decal was made in maroon for the lettering and the big “C” stripe on the sides. The interior is painted maroon and window frames and other details are foiled. Special license plates were photo-etched with MMAL-25 on them. 25 of these Mustangs, each individually numbered, were made by club member John Hughes and distributed at the annual meeting.



Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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