The Mk Il Ford Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac were announced on February 21st 1956. Convertible versions of all three models were available right from the launch. The new cars had clean modern lines, which owed a great deal to their American Ford cousins. In February 1959 the range was revamped with the introduction of the low line models. These utilized a flatter roof pressing and minor trim differences. The 1962 models were the final ones off the production line prior to the announcement of the Mk III models. It was the last Ford to bear the name Consul in its own right and along with the Mk Il Zephyr and Zodiac the last convertibles made by Ford U.K..




The first standard edition is a top up version released in 1999 and deleted in 2005. It is finished in Panama yellow with pale green interior, black top and black license plate reading 530FOW. In 2005 the second standard edition (23A) was released with the top down. It is finished in Monza red with white/red interior, white tonneau and black license plate reading OGF871.



The Lansdowne Collectors Club chose the 1962 Ford Consul MKII Convertible as the 2002 special. It was made in two colors: Caribbean turquoise with black/white interior and blue tonneau and salmon pink with black/white interior and black tonneau. Both have black license plate reading 530FOW. Each color was produced in 130 pieces and an optional driver made by Omen Miniatures was available to collectors.



In 2003 Roger Tennyson made two very special conversions of the 1962 Ford Consul MKII Convertible for Crossway Models with the addition of a sun visor. The colors are: two-tone amethyst metallic with black/grey interior and grey tonneau and brown metallic/gold with brown/cream interior and cream tonneau. The models were produced in a limited number of 25 pieces each and have black license plate reading 375CON.


Author: Gianluigi Cappi


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