This is the second part of the Brooklin Collectors Guide.

When Edition IV of the Guide was published it was called “Volume 1” because it covered only a part of the Brooklin production, even if the largest part: the American cars. In Volume 1 Brooklin, Brooklin Limited, Buick, Pontiac collections are described. However, Brooklin production is not limited to American cars but also models of British, Swedish and Italian Cars were made. To fill the gap a Volume 2 has been made to cover Lansdowne and Robeddie collections plus other Brooklin products in different areas.


Dimension: lenght: 32,8 cm.; width: 24,8 cm.; height: 2 cm. 

Pages: 160

Weight: 2 kgs.


This second volume of the guide is a high quality hard cover book, with more than 160 pages telling the history of British, Swedish and Italian car models, covering Lansdowne and Robeddie collections. 

It is a must have for Brooklin enthusiasts and a beautiful book to have in your collection.


Brooklin Illustrated Collectors Guide Volume II

Brooklin Illustrated Collectors Guide Volume II