John Hammick and David Angel have created three video tapes cataloging the early Brooklin models and featuring some rarely seen models. The first video covers BRK1 through BRK9, the second covers BRK10 through BRK22, the third covers BRK23 through BRK46 as well as the BRK16X. Each video was produced in 500 pieces with a special model included in the box. A limited number of these special models were made in a different color, included at random in place of the standard version and sealed at the factory before the packages were addressed and posted and are quite rare.





The first video was created in 1992 cataloging BRK1 1933 Pierce Arrow Silver Arrow through BRK9 Ford Sedan Delivery and featuring some rarely seen models. This video is extremely well done, right from the start, where nothing is said for the first few minutes, just a parade of Brooklin. This video begins at the beginning, with an interview of John Hall. It's a fascinating story of John's first models, actually made in Oshawa, Ontario and the evolution of model making for the many collectors who wanted them. Over an hour's time, it presents the viewer with approximately a hundred Brooklins, interspersed with Brooklin stories and commentary from John Hall. The first special in this series is a 1953 Pontiac Pick-up in colors reminiscent of the first Brooklin box, metallic silver with blue interior. There is also a blue tie-down cover over the bed and blue "Brooklin Video" decals on the sides. Some of the Video Sets contained a special color version of the model, in colors of the second Brooklin box, beige with brown tie-down cover and brown decals. A total of 500 sets were produced, with 475 in silver and 25 in beige.







Released in December 1992, the second volume of Brooklin Video continues the review of Volume I, running approximately an hour in length, picking up with the BRK10 1949 Buick Roadmaster and stopping with the BRK22 1958 Edsel Citation. All known versions of the Dodge Van are included, but the Dodge Pick-ups are in the third and final volume. The Edsel plays a significant role in this volume, with coverage not only of all Brooklin Edsels, including one in pewter, but also a few full-size versions. Volume II comes as a set with an Edsel Citation, done in a top down convertible version, in either white or black, red tonneau cover, and red fender flash. The interior has a red dashboard and door panels, red steering wheel and floorboards and white seats. This top down version has been specially commissioned for the Video Set and was not available as a standard model. Only 500 sets were produced, with 450 of the models included with the sets done in white, fashioned after David Angel's full size Citation. At random, 50 of the sets had an equally stunning version in gloss black with the same interior. The Edsel prototype in white, which was previewed by David Angel in Toronto in October 1992, is a distinctly different model than the one included in the Video Set. The prototype model shown in the Brooklin Video has a white dashboard and black steering wheel. Seats, door panels, and floorboards are done in red. This particular model will thus remain as a "one-off" variation of the Video Set II Edsel.








The third volume of the Brooklin Collection Video was released in late December 1993. This third volume completes the Brooklin Models story and model line-up review. BRK23 Ford Fairlane Victoria to BRK46 Chevrolet El Camino are covered, as well as the BRK16X Dodge Pick-ups. The process of model making is again demonstrated, from drawing board to brass master to castings to finished model. All the standard editions as well as factory authorized specials are shown in sharp color images with clear demonstration of color variations. The video concludes with an addendum of standard models and special editions that had not been included in the previous two volumes. In addition, there is an interesting segment by John Hall, relating the story of the famous "Plow", cast in commemoration of the Plowing Championship, held in Brooklin, Ontario, in 1975. Included with Volume III is a preview edition of BRK46, the 1959 Chevrolet El Camino. This Brooklin special is based on David Angel's full-size El Camino, done in metallic pink, with white interior and floor and red seats, dashboard and steering wheel. Completing the model are a white accent slash on the side, red tonneau cover on the bed and green license plates. The alternate color for the Video III special is gold, found in 50 of the 500 Video Sets.






Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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