The Berlin Wall was a system of fortifications built by the East German government to prevent the free movement of people between the territory of East Germany and West Berlin. It was considered the symbol of the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.

On November 9, 1989, after several weeks of public riots, the East German government announced that visits to Germany and West Berlin would be permitted, therefore many Eastern Europeans climbed the wall and passed it to reach the inhabitants of West Germany on the other side in a festive atmosphere. During the following weeks, small parts of the wall were demolished and taken away by the crowd and souvenir seekers; later industrial equipment was used to break down almost everything that was left.


Brooklin Models BRK26

The Classic Chevy Owners Club, in West Germany, produced 100 Code 3 1955 Chevrolet Nomads in 1990 to commemorate the historic breaking down of the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall Nomad was also nicknamed 'Checkpoint Charlie' because of the fact that this was the name of the most popular border crossing in Berlin. Many secret agents captured by both sides during the Cold War were exchanged at this border crossing. The fall of the Berlin Wall, especially for the German people, was a great milestone of German history. The modified Brooklin model, painted in the khaki U.S. military livery (camouflage), with a piece of the Berlin Wall placed in the interior, is a moving tribute to commemorate this historic event. The Berlin Wall Nomad was distributed by Toff-Toff Models, in Essen, West Germany. Each model is numbered and certificated, with 50 models offered to the Chevy Club members in West Germany and the remaining 50 made available to collectors.

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