The standard 1955 Chevrolet Nomad (BRK26) came after the C.T.C.S. version in 1987 and was deleted in January 1999. It is finished in a light blue color with white roof and white interior, a lighter shade of blue exists. On some models the C.T.C.S. base, with “1 of 375” engraved, was used in error. Tyres are whitewall.



The Classic Chevy Owners Club, in West Germany, produced 100 Code 3 Nomads in 1990 to commemorate the historic breaking down of the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall Nomad was also nicknamed 'Checkpoint Charlie' because of the fact that this was the name of the most popular border crossing in Berlin. Many secret agents captured by both sides during the 'Cold War' were exchanged at this border crossing. The fall of the Berlin Wall, especially for the German people, was a great milestone of German history. The modified Brooklin model, painted in the khaki U.S. military livery (camouflage) with a piece of the Berlin Wall placed in the interior, is a moving tribute to commemorate this historic event. The roof is decaled with the white star of the United States Army and the words 'Checkpoint Charlie’, while on the hood are the letters 'MP' for Military Police. The Berlin Wall Nomad was distributed by Toff-Toff Models, in Essen, West Germany. Each model is numbered and certificated, with 50 models offered to the Chevy Club members in West Germany and the remaining 50 made available to collectors.





The 1994 special from the B.C.C. was released in May 1994, making its first public appearance prior to the 20th Anniversary of the factory. This is a unique set consisting of a 1955 Chevrolet Nomad and a 1953 Airstream Wanderer trailer (BRK54). The Chevy Nomad is two-tone, done in B.C.C. colors, royal blue with a silver roof, blue and silver interior, silver dashboard, black steering wheel and blue license plate. The model also features an added roof rack in black and a modified rear bumper, sporting a chrome trailer hitch. The Nomad - Airstream set is packed in a special silver and blue box, comes with a B.C.C. 6th Anniversary Year Model certificate and was limited to 350 sets.





The standard model was not the first 1955 Chevrolet Nomad, it was preceded by a few months by a special limited version made for the C.T.C.S.. It was produced for the Greatest Collectors Toy Show held in the autumn of 1987. The C.T.C.S. Chevy Nomad is done in metallic coral with a white roof and white interior and steering wheel. Only 375 of this limited edition were made and at least three shades of coral exist. The base has “C.T.C.S. ‘87 - 1 of 375” engraved.





The 1998 choice for S.F.B.B.C. special was a 1955 Chevrolet Nomad Station Wagon and the Brooklin factory had once again come through with a beautiful rendition of a slightly modified street rod. The Chevy Nomad Surfers’ Wagon continues the Club’s San Francisco theme, by acknowledging the sunny beaches and crashing waves that are just part of California’s beauty. Exterior color is pale yellow with an arctic white roof. Dashboard is yellow to match, with the remainder of the interior, including steering wheel, done in fawn tan. Several details make this model quite unique. Starting from the front, there is a specially crafted tubular grille. The aircraft-shaped hood ornament has been removed to smooth out the hood. An antenna and a rear view mirror have been added for realism and there’s also the chromed tachometer on the dash. Black wall tires are mounted on plated, five-spoke mag-type wheels, a first from the factory. Darkened "brake drums" provide fine contrast for the wheels. The baseplate clearly identifies the model as coming from the S.F.B.B.C. 1998, in quantity of 225 and celebrating the 10th anniversary. An excellent touch of realism has been added as this model is accompanied by a surfboard and a tanned, blonde surfer girl (produced by Arttista Accessories, Pennsylvania). Dressed in a yellow two-piece bathing suit and leaning against her car, with a hand shading her Ray-Ban sunglasses she scans the surf, looking for the perfect wave. The factory has put the Nomad’s rear window in the lowered position so the surfboard can be displayed sticking out the back. A card insert identifying the special, announcing the 10th anniversary and advertising for the Club, completes the package.





Keith Pillinger of Bristol, England, made five Code 3 models in 1989, all of them based on the 1955 Chevrolet Nomad and Nomad Van. The first was the Chevy Nomad converted into a Hearse, finished in dark silver grey metallic with grey interior and featuring special added roof rails, gold decals on the doors and a coffin in the back in off-white. This model was limited to 50 pieces and come in a special hand-numbered grey-blue box with mourning dove logo.





This is one of the Angel Collection series of Code 3 fire models. Made in only 3 pieces, it is finished in red with black interior. The decals on the sides read “Chicago Fire Department” with “CFD” letters on the doors overlapped as an emblem and “Chief Battalion” on the left. This is vehicle number 11, as it says on the side. A chrome siren is mounted on the right fender and and a red light is placed on the roof.




Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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