Labatt’s Brewing Company was founded by John Kinder Labatt in 1847 in London, Ontario and is the largest brewer in Canada, producer of famous beers. The first light ale introduced in Canada, Labatt 50, was the  best selling beer until 1979. In 1951 Labatt’s launched its Pilsener Lager, nicknamed "Blue" for the colour of its label, which had the top spot in the Canadian beer market. D.M.P. Studios (Ontario, Canada) produced some very special Code 2 models in the livery of Labatt’s.


Labatt’s Streamliner was a unique sight in Canada fom 1932 untill 1955. The tractor chassis was produced by White Motor Company and the trailer chassis by Fruehauf. Designed by Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky, the bodies were crafted by Smith Bros. Body Works of Toronto. Joe Scott, together with his brother Bob, of London, Ontario, took up the ardous task of restoring this famous Streamliner for the Labatt’s Brewing Company and their skill, along with 7 years of dedication to minute detail, have seen this beautiful legend returned to mint conditions. D.M.P. Studios produced the 1947 Labatt’s Streamliner in 2600 pieces, 1600 of which were given to Labatt’s. The tractor has been manufactured at the Brooklin factory, while the trailer has been made in Canada.



When John Labatt’s Brewery began converting from horse-drawn vehicles they chose this 1919 White Motor Company 45HP motor truck. The manufacturer delivered the truck equipped with only a buggy seat. The cab and stake body were ordered from a local carriage maker. The bed is designed to carry 96 12-gallon oak kegs of draught beer. Joe and Bob Scott of London, Ontario, restored the truck for Labatt’s, completing the work in 1978. D.M.P. Studios produced 1300 pieces of the Keg Truck for Labatt’s Brewery in 2002.


COE Truck

This Streamlined beauty was also designed by Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky and produced in 1937 by White Motor Company, he is considered the master of Streamlined design. The COE (Cab Over Engine) Truck was hand built by D.M.P. Studios in 2017 with castings produced by Brooklin Models. Only 100 pieces were made with serial number on box and base. 


In 2013 D.M.P. Studios produced a special Chevrolet Stylemaster Sedan Delivery in the livery of Labatt’s, which represents a replica of the service vehicle actually used by the company in the late 40’s. It is finished in red with red interior and the company logo on the side panels. A roof panel with Labatt’s logo has been added and it features whitewall tyres. It was made in 50 pieces numbered on the base.

Author: Gianluigi Cappi


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