Mitch Stenzler had been collecting automobile memorabilia, gas station pumps and fixtures, antique toys and model automobiles since the early 1970's and this hobby quickly grew into a business. Weber's was actually a collection in itself, a product of a jewelry store established in 1917 by J. Weber, an immigrant from Germany. In 1984 Mitch's wife, Sonya, arranged a unique 50th birthday surprise. She knew that Mitch had been collecting Brooklins since the late 1970's and that his extensive collection was quite special to him. She contacted Brooklin Models and arranged to have a Brooklin special edition made to commemorate the 67th anniversary of the Weber's business. For the following five years, by special arrangement with Brooklin, Weber's made a different Brooklin model to commemorate their anniversaries. Decals identify the company, its date of establishment and quantity of models made. The final model was released in 1989.

The first Weber's special was the Ford Van, done in light tan and dark brown interior with blackwall tyres on light tan wheels. Decals on the side panel identify the model as one of 67 pieces to correspond to the 67 years that Weber's had been in business. A representation of a radiator ornament is found on the doors and indicates the business was established in 1917. This model was sold to regular Weber's customers and established what is the longest run of Brooklin specials commissioned by a toy and model store.




The second Weber's special, for the company's 68th year in 1985, was a Dodge Van in yellow, with black fenders, black interior and yellow wheels. Once again, decals identify the company, its date of establishment and quantity of models made. But also incorporated into the logo is a picture of a gasoline pump, to reflect the antique automobile, gasoline pump and gas station memorabilia that is sold at the store.




The third special, for the 69th Weber’s Anniversary, was a 1930 Ford Model A Coupe produced in 1986 done in black with light tan decals and cream wheels. A new Weber's logo appears, an oval in which the words "Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A., Weber's, Established 1917" are found, with a representation of a gas pump, typical collector’s item sold by Weber’s. This model is quite authentic and, except for the quantity designation on the trunk, a full-size version could have been seen on the roads in 1930 as a company representative's car.




The fourth special model commissioned by Weber’s for the 70th Anniversary, with its lack of extensive chrome and its blackwall tyres, is quite authentic and, except for the quantity designation on the trunk, a full-size version could easily have been seen in 1930 as a company car. This 1937 Chevrolet Coupe is fairly basic, finished in light beige with tan interior. The decal on the doors says that 70 models were produced for the 70th Anniversary.




The fifth model chosen by Weber’s as a 71st anniversary special in 1988 is of formal nature, the 1955 Chevrolet Nomad Van done in black, with red interior, gold decals and whitewall tyres. The decal on the doors states that 71 models were produced for the 71st anniversary.




Weber's commissioned the sixth of their series of Brooklin specials in 1989 to commemorate their continued success as suppliers of collectibles and memorabilia. This model is the 1930 Ford Model A Victoria, with orange body, cream roof, cream fenders and cream base. The decal on the doors has the company logo and states that 72 models were produced to commemorate the store’s 72nd anniversary. This is the only special ever done of the 1930 Ford Model A Victoria.



Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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