Brooklin Models established the Dealer Promotion Program in October 1994 in order to allow serious Brooklin collectors the opportunity to purchase a specially produced model at the price of a standard model.

The first of the Brooklin Dealer Promotion Specials was a bold and bright 1948 Buick Roadmaster Convertible, painted fire engine red and sporting lots of chrome. The beige interior, with vanilla cream dashboard, seats and tonneau cover, provide a striking contrast to the body color and the combination emphasizes the long hood of this classic American automobile. The Promotional Special has a blue Missouri license plate below the toothy grille and two types of grille can be found: wide spaced bars (14 bars) and narrow spaced bars (21 bars). All of the specials in the Program are identical except for the box label, indicating BRK45DS, and the baseplate detail, both of which identify a specific geographic area. The six areas are: Europe, United States, Canada, Australia / New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, and are identified by an insignia engraved on the black baseplate (no insignia for South Africa).


The second in the series was the 1946 Lincoln Continental as modified by Raymond Loewy, identified as BRKX2 and released in August 1996. In 1946 industrial designer Raymond Loewy commissioned Derham Body Company, U.S.A., to customize two 1941 Lincoln Continental Coupe for his own personal use. Working directly from Loewy’s sketches, Derham created a pair of dream cars for him and his wife. This model is a reproduction of those cars. It is finished in dark green with beige interior and no license plate. The front half of the roof has been removed and replaced by a plexiglass canopy, the rear quarters are blind with two small round windows. On the front fenders there is a chrome circle surrounding the “RL” monogram. The base is engraved with "This model is the second in a series only obtainable by the dealer collectors card".


In May 1998 another 1951 Ford Fordor was released as BRKX3, the third Dealer Special. This version was finished in Hawaiian Bronze and was available from dealers for the price of a standard Brooklin when accompanied by eight Brooklin stickers. The license plate reads “FORD 51 X3 DEALER” and the baseplate has “Our third dealer special only available with a completed collector card” engraved.


Brooklin’s fourth Dealer Special was released in September 2001. Designated BRKX4, the Dealer Special is a civilian version of the 1956 Ford Mainline two-door sedan, finished in red with tan interior, plated door handles, an antenna stub, black washed grille, separate plated windshield wipers (the first model to have this detail) and white sidewall tyres. The license plate reads “MICHIGAN X4”.


Author: Gianluigi Cappi


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