Given the vastness and varying topography of the Canadian landscape, large portions were, and still are, inaccessible except by rail. In order to police the many miles of track owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway, CP Police vehicles were equipped with front and rear bogie wheels that permitted the driver to run on the railway track, with propulsion supplied by the rear wheels and lateral stability maintained by the two sets of bogie wheels. When use of a standard roadway was desired, the bogie wheels could be raised so that they cleared the ground and the vehicle was driven in the same way as a normal automobile.





The 2013 special made for C.T.C.S. is a very peculiar model which can appeal Brooklin collectors and railroad enthusiasts alike. The cast is the 1937 Pontiac Six Sport Coupe in Canadian Pacific Railroad Police livery with bogie wheels and a section of O-gauge railroad track. The body color is prairie sandstone with burgundy interior, the doors have the emblem of the Railroad Police Service and two red lights and a siren are placed on the roof. The black license plate on rear reads “Ontario CTCS 13” and the base has “Railway Police CTCS 2013 1 of 175” engraved. Only 175 were made.



 Author: Gianluigi Cappi


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