The 1959 Chrysler 300E Convertible (BRK41) first appeared in January 1993 among a certain amount of controversy. It was to be a gold metallic. However, the factory erroneously painted the first 210 in a mustard gold and a few in a dark mustard before finally producing the proper intended color. Most of these color variation Chryslers were sent to Brasilia Press and were distributed to dealers in the U.S.. The interior is beige/black with beige tonneau, the license plate is blue and tyres are whitewall. It was deleted in May 2000.



For the 4th year Ray Strutt commissioned a Brooklin special to commemorate the show, a 1959  Chrysler 300E Convertible done in dark metallic green to match the Modelex specials from previous years. The words "Modelex 93" appear on the doors in red and gold and the meeting place, "Solihull, West Midlands 31st October 1993", appears across the rear fender. Added to the rear portion of the trunk lid is the white circle logo of Collectors Gazette. The interior is done in two colors, black for the dashboard, interior of the doors, floor and convertible boot and light beige for the seats. The dashboard instrument gauges and controls are highlighted in silver and the baseplate carries the designation "1 of 750", but only 600 models were produced.




The 1959 Chrysler 300E was done in the top-up version as a factory special in a limited run of 1000 pieces. As with other Brooklin models done in black, the body lines of this Chrysler are less easily seen. The impression is one of formal elegance, further enhanced by the top-up convertible roof done in the shade of kid glove leather. The black seats dominate the interior, but closer examination reveals a matching beige on the steering wheel, door panels, floor and rear shelf and silver paint to bring out the details of the instrument panel. Two additional touches are the chrome windshield frame and the red behind the plated grille, both present on the standard version, but more evident with the gloss black body of this factory special. “41X 1 of 1000” is cast in base.





Finished in blue metallic with black dash, black interior and light blue seats, it is one of the "Angel Collection" series of Code 3 models.  This model was refinished by Mike Stevens, founder of Western Models, and is one of three only. Cast in the base is “1 of 750” as it is a refinished "Modelex" model.




This model (BRK41A) comes from the Chrysler 300E Convertible and has added details and chromes. It was released in May 2000 and deleted in January 2007. It is finished in red with beige interior and green license plate, a lighter red color variation exists. Tyres are whitewall.





The 2002 model for the C.T.C.S. was the 1959 Chrysler 300E Convertible as a Parade Car with two Omen figures. It is finished in silver with a grey interior and a black steering wheel. The wheel rims are black and are accented by bright-etched wheel covers and whitewall tyres. Front and rear license plates read "ONTARIO C.T.C.S. 02", the baseplate reads "C.T.C.S. 2002 1 of 300". The detailed Omen figures consist of a Tiger Cat football player and a cheerleader, seated on the rear tonneau cover as they would during the annual Grey Cup Parade (the Grey Cup is the Canadian Football League version of the Super Bowl). The model has a decal on the doors which honors the Hamilton Tiger Cats, Canadian Football League Eastern Conference champions in 1959. The production was limited to 300 pieces.


Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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