The 1958 Edsel Citation was released in 1986 and originally produced in sunset coral enamel with white interior, three color variations exist. This model features gold decals, while a second standard edition has black decals. The color of the standard model was later changed to turquoise metallic in March 1992, with continental kit and hood ornament added. All tyres are whitewall and license plate is only on rear. It was deleted in 2004. A color trial exists, finished in metallic rose, more accurately described as dark metallic rust.





A "silver" version (actually polished bare metal), mounted on a numbered, clear plastic base with cover, was produced for Danhausen Models of Germany in December 1986. The base has a label describing the history of Edsel and each model is accompanied by a certificate. Distributed to executives and friends of the company as Christmas gifts, few of these special Brooklins ever made it to the collectors market.


The B.C.C. 1991 special is a 1958 Edsel Citation done in red, with white flash on the rear fender and white interior. The model is finished with continental spare and whitewall tyres. “B.C.C. 1991 - 1 of 500” is cast in base. The B.C.C. special is made even more distinctive by the use of the old style silver and blue Brooklin Models box.




Released in December 1992, the second volume of Brooklin Video continues the review of Volume I, stopping with the BRK22 1958 Edsel Citation. Volume II comes as a set with an Edsel Citation, done in a top down convertible version, in either white or black, red tonneau cover and red fender flash. The interior has a red dashboard and door panels, red steering wheel and floorboards and white seats. This top down version has been specially commissioned for the Video Set and was not available as a standard model. Only 500 sets were produced, with 450 done in white and 50 in gloss black.


Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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