The first 1956 Lincoln Continental MK II was produced in 1981 in black with red interior and blue license plate in a limited number. The first standard edition can be identified in the dark blue metallic version with red interior and blue license plate, followed by several shades of blue with white interior and yellow license plate. Most of the varieties are seen with both thick and thin seats. These models have a silver base rather than the usual black base. In the early years of production, a number of Lincoln Continentals left the factory done in a very dark metallic blue, almost black under dim light.




A limited number of 1956 Lincoln Continental MK II in black with cream interior were produced for the shop Rickadis. The first 50 are serially numbered on their baseplates, an additional unknown number were produced without numbers. Later, another batch of black Lincoln Continentals was produced for Accent Models, new shop name for Rickadis. These are differentiated from the initial production because of the grey interior. The first 350 are numbered on the baseplate 51 to 400, an unknown number are not numbered, all have thin seats and green license plate. Additional 100 pieces are numbered 401-500 with other 200 pieces numbered 501-700. All these have thick seats and yellow license plate.



The BRK11 was deleted in July 1993 and replaced in November 1993 with an improved casting, designated to be a 1957 model and identified as BRK11A. The exterior is finished in a light cream with a two-tone, leather brown and cream interior. Added details include a delicate plated hood ornament, a plated badge on the Continental spare trunk bulge and a license plate in green. This model was deleted in January 1996 and replaced by the dark green version identified as BRK11B. This seems to be the story: originally, BRK11A was scheduled for deletion early 1994, however, an enterprising painter tried the dark green from the Bluegrass model on the 1957 Continental and what emerged was too good to throw away. Thus was born BRK11B. The interior is a stunning two-tone, light beige and aqua green, with matching green steering wheel. BRK11B has the 11A baseplate and the green license plate. The new designation can be found only on the box label. Only a small production of 550 models was made.




This set celebrated the 11th Anniversary of the B.C.C. and contains two 1956 Lincoln Continental convertibles, top-down. One is finished in pearlescent white with red interior and the other in sky blue with matching blue tonneau cover and interior in white / blue. Orders were taken for the white model and the blue one was an option. The white version is a “Lincoln Show Car” with no license plate, the blue version has a black license plate, both have “BCC 1999 Club Special” cast in base. A total of 192 pairs of the white and the blue were produced, with an additional 22 white purchased as single models.



Author: Gianluigi Cappi


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