The standard 1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible was released in May 1994 and deleted in January 2005. It is finished in seaspray green with two tone green interior, white license plate and whitewall tyres. A small batch of approximately 50 Thunderbirds has come out of the factory in 1996 with the wrong color inserts for the seats, mid green instead of whitish green. A different color shade was produced in 2001.



These models are part of the C.T.C.I. 40th Anniversary celebration set. The set consists of the 1955 Hardtop (BRK13) in Thunderbird blue, the 1956 Convertible in sunset coral and the 1957 Convertible finished in azure blue (pale turquoise), with two tone blue interior. “CTCI Dearborn ‘94” is cast in base.



To commemorate the convention in July 1996 in Bend, Oregon, the C.T.C.I. sponsored a pair of Brooklin specials. This is a unique version of the 1957 Ford Thunderbird, featuring a "Birdnest" rumble seat. The Birdnest was not a factory-installed feature, but an after-market accessory, available for the full-size Thunderbird only in 1957, easily added to the car by simple removal of the stock trunk and bolting in the steel replacement lid/frame and seats. Also available, but not featured on the Brooklin model, was a tonneau windshield to provide added protection to the rear passengers. It had room for two adults or three children and must have made riding in this convertible Thunderbird that much more exciting. These specials are done in two color combinations, gunmetal grey metallic with red and white interior and Thunderbird bronze metallic with brown and white interior. Both models feature a plated control panel, Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels and baseplates that indicate "CTCI Bend ‘96". These two Birdnest Thunderbirds were not a set but were individually available. The production was 250 pieces each color.



The June 1998 meeting was held in Dallas, Texas and C.T.C.I. commissioned what looks to be the best C.T.C.I. special. The full-scale prototype is the "Battlebird", one of four specially modified 1957 Ford Thunderbirds created by the factory for competition and speed trials. The stock bumper has been removed and replaced with nerf bars, necessitating a re-work of the grille. Headlights have been replaced with chrome bullets. The hood scoop has been removed (actually modified to a much smaller one just at the cowling) and hood clamps have been added at the trailing corners. The windshield has been replaced by a small racing wind-screen, a racing mirror has been added and gauges are now on a small, steering column-mounted instrument cluster. The passenger side of the interior has a tonneau cover, covering an oil tank and cooler (the passenger door is accurately louvered) and a large fin has been added behind the driver, complete with head-rest and multi-color Thunderbird insignia. Exhaust tips protrude from under the doors and the rear bumper has been replaced with a smoothed roll pan. Blackwall tyres are mounted on mag-type wheels fastened with knock-off spinners and accurate racing numbers and decals complete the picture. There is no license plate and “CTCI Dallas ’98” is cast in a white base.


Author: Gianluigi Cappi


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