The differences between the BRK26 Station Wagon and the BRK26A Nomad Van, besides the removal of the rear side windows, are the elimination of the full-width grooves in the rear half of the roof and significant re-structuring of the rear tailgate into a rear door. The rear window is smaller, the vertical trim bars have been removed and a top-edge rain-drip channel has been added. All these models have “Special Issue” engraved on the base. The standard Chevrolet Nomad Van was a fire vehicle, released in 1988 and deleted in June 1992. This model features gold lettering on the side panel reading "Rock County Emergency Squad" and a shield on the doors which reads "R.C.E.S. Fire Marshal Divisions". An emergency light and siren have been added to the roof, whitewall tyres are used, and the license plate is yellow.





A 1955 Chevrolet Nomad Van was commissioned by Cars Only in early 1988, finished in dark blue with beige interior and decals in gold indicating the name of the shop and its address. Limited to 150 pieces, these models were available from Cars Only, Berkshire, England.





A limited edition 1955 Chevrolet Nomad Van was commissioned by Das Automobil, a German model car shop, in 1988, finished in black with green interior and yellow license plate. 200 pieces were produced.





The 6th limited edition Brooklin for the P.C.T.S., finished in black with beige interior and gold decals, was released in May 1988. Limited to 150 pieces, the model features gold decals on the side panels stating "Pacific Coast Toy Show 1988", crests on the doors and the words "New Westminster B.C. 1988" on the rear door, also in gold. The license plate is green or yellow.





The model chosen by Weber’s as a 71st anniversary special in 1988 is the 1955 Chevrolet Nomad Van done in black, with red interior, gold decals and whitewall tyres. The decal on the doors states that 71 models were produced for the 71st anniversary.





The Brooklin special sponsored by the W.M.T.C. in 1988 was a 1955 Chevrolet Nomad Van, finished in maroon with tan interior. The words "Wessex W.M.T.C." are found on the side panel in black and gold, "1988" is encircled on the side doors and "Wessex Model and Toy Collectors" is found on the rear door. A total of 300 pieces were produced.





To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Angel Auto’s, David Angel made a set of four special models based on BRK9, BRK16, BRK26, BRK31. All are two tone white and blue with original stickers. Each model was made in only 4 pieces.





Paramedic Private Ambulance Company was formed in 1979 by Jacqueline and Keith Pillinger. The first private ambulance company set up in the South West of England covering accident and emergency calls for the then two private hospitals in Bristol. A Code 3 Brooklin special has been produced by Keith to commemorate thirteen years of business. He stripped and rebuilt 100 Nomad Rock County Ambulances, repainted them white, and decaled them with red and blue decals in the livery of his company. The emergency warning light and siren are retained. These models come in a blue box, hand-signed and numbered by Keith, with a certificate assessing their authenticity.


The second Code 3 in the Pillinger Nomad Van set is a County Coroners Officer car finished in black with interior in red and gold decals on the doors. These models, numbering 50, come in a black box, each hand-signed and numbered.


The third Code 3 1955 Chevy Nomad Van produced by Keith Pillinger has decals appropriate for a Blood Transfusion service, finished in dark blue with a beige interior and yellow decals on the doors. Limited to 50 models, they come in a blood red box, each hand-signed and numbered.




Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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