There are three versions of the Nash Ambassadors in existence (BRK34), one group of them somewhat rare. The early Nash Ambassadors released in Spring 1991, done in maroon, had fender badges incorrectly placed on the rear fender of the left side. After a number of these were produced (approximately 1800), a second version, again in maroon, was released with correct badge placement on both front fenders. Soon thereafter, a two-tone version was released. These changes created a small "window" of production during which only a limited number of the maroon version with correct badges was produced. Darker shades exist of both versions. The model was deleted in June 1993.




In September 1993 a two-tone version of the Nash Ambassador with white roof over a yellow body was released to replace the maroon version (BRK34A). Interior is white and tyres are whitewall. This model was deleted in January 1996.




Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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