Brooklin first produced the 1953 Studebaker Commander Starliner (BRK32) in September 1990. The standard edition is a pale green color but, due to paint variations, it has been seen in a creamy pale green and a grey color. In late December 1994 it was supplanted by the BRK32A. This version is done in a pretty shade of blue with a cream roof. It was deleted in August 2001. An advertising card was included in all the boxes of the first edition to promote new memberships to the Brooklin Collectors Club.





Brooklin dealer, Dale Dannefer, began a series of Viva La Carrera Replicas in 1996 with the Chrysler 300. The second model in the series is the 1953 Studebaker Starliner. It’s finished in bright red with a black top. Owned and driven by Carlos Anaya with his co-driver, Eduardo Rodriquez, this car won the race in 1993, 1994, and 1996. The race car was powered by a 350 V-8 Chevy engine producing 450 horsepower. While this engine was not available in Studebakers in 1953, the engine did appear in some of the last Studebakers in the 60's. The model is covered in all the proper decals, including La Costeña, Quaker State, Chrysler Mexico, Corona, MVS Deportes and others. The model itself has been modified with the addition of seat harnesses, reverse mag wheels and a front air dam. Removing the bumper and recasting the space behind it modified the front. 200 were produced with number hand painted on the base.





Brasilia Press released their second special as Police training vehicle, a 1953 Studebaker Commander Starliner in white with beige interior and black steering wheel. A black shield is found on the doors with the words "Indiana State Police" in yellow. Above the shield are the words "Safety Education" also in yellow. Numbering 750 pieces, the Studebaker features a siren / emergency light on the roof with hailing speakers on either side.





The W.M.T.C. choice for 1994 was the 1953 Studebaker Starliner and, in a real break away from their trademark maroon exterior, this one is done in a beautiful light blue-grey. There is a small touch of Wessex maroon, however, relegated to the roof, making this a stunning two-tone model. The interior shows dashboard, steering wheel and inner door panels to be matching blue-grey, with front and rear seats matte-finished in beige. Missing are any obvious lettering or logos identifying this Studebaker as a Wessex special. The designation is subtly accomplished by the placement of a British Road Tax disc at the top margin of the windshield. The small white decal shows the Wessex key logo in blue bracketed by 19 and 94. This Studebaker comes packaged in a special maroon box with a lift-off top, with the usual gold Brooklin label on the end accompanied by three different imprints on the side embossed in black. These are the Wessex Club key logo, a frontal quarter view of the Studebaker Starliner and the Brooklin "Statue of Liberty" logo to celebrate 10 years of the W.M.T.C. and 20 years of Brooklin Models. Only 250 were produced, released in November 1994.





This is one of the Angel Collection series of Code 3 fire models. Made in only 3 pieces, it is finished in red with black interior. The decals on the sides read “Chicago Fire Department” with “CFD” letters on the doors overlapped as an emblem and “Chief Battalion” on the left. This is vehicle number 4, as it says on the side. A white light an a red light are placed on the roof.





In march 1955 a run of 15 Studebaker Starliner were converted as Coca-Cola cars. These Code 3’s are finished in yellow orange with red decals, red interior and red license plate.




In August 2001 a new 1953 Studebaker Commander Starliner with added details and chromes was produced as BRK32B. It is finished in coral red with an ivory roof, red interior, red license plate and whitewall tyres. It was deleted in January 2014.




Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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