The 1953 Oldsmobile Fiesta (BRK39) was introduced as an open convertible in September 1992 and deleted in January 2000. It is finished in two tone blue and white, with blue and white interior, white tonneau and  whitewall tyres.



John Hall was wanting to release a "top up" version of the Oldsmobile Fiesta in a color that he felt would be just as striking as the convertible, if not more so. In July 1993 that wish was realized with the release of a factory special, in white with "saddle" in red and with white convertible top, limited to 1000 models.




One of the nicest models to come out of the Brooklin factory was released in June 1998 and it was a boat! The boat is designated as a 1955 Speedboat USA (BRK71). The B.C.C. chose the 1953 Oldsmobile Fiesta convertible as the tow vehicle and done in matching orange with white rear deck, it is the most beautiful of the Fiestas. The lines of this Oldsmobile have a fluid sweep that blends with the water-sport theme, so it is an excellent choice. A decal on the trunk designates the model as the 10th Anniversary special for the B.C.C., a plated trailer hitch has been added and license plates are California, done in white. The third part of this set is a model onto itself, a proper boat trailer done in metallic silver. It features wide whitewall tires, a plated support wheel and hull pads and securing winch that fit the boat perfectly. 300 sets were produced.




Following the success of their new color scheme initiated with the 1995 special (BRK51), a search was undertaken for an appropriate Brooklin that could suitably display the two-tone, light green and Modelex metallic dark green colors and the obvious choice was the 1953 Oldsmobile Fiesta, the 7th in the series. The dark "saddle" trunk and rear fenders complement and accent the lighter body in excellent fashion. As with earlier Modelex specials, the interior is done in beige and decals on the doors and front fenders are green and gold. “1 of 250” is cast in base, as 250 pieces were produced.



Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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