The first edition of the 1953 Kaiser Manhattan (BRK29) was released in May 1989 and deleted in 1995. It is finished in blue with grey interior and orange license plate. The second edition, identified as 29A on the box, was released in May 1995 and deleted in November 2002. It is a two-tone version in lavender blue metallic with light grey roof, interior is light grey and the license plate is blue. Tyres are whitewall. To launch the first edition, John Hammick of the Merley House Museum asked David Angel, owner of the real car, to show it in the ground of the house. A certificate was given to visitors to keep with the model.





The 1991 Brooklin special done for Miniature Cars is a Kaiser Manhattan as a Yellow Cab. Originally planned for a production run of 750, only 502 models were actually produced and released in August 1991. The interior is done in black and the chromed roof sign has an art deco design, appropriate for the car's era. The door decals are done neatly, if not too simply. The word Madison suggests a town in Wisconsin, although the model sports Michigan license plates. The rate schedule on the rear door completes the taxicab feel, although this particular decal has been seen before on the Sharrock Packard Taxi.




In the years following World War II expanding business success allowed American companies to establish manufacturing facilities in several European countries. Among the companies was Kaiser-Frazer and one of the countries was Holland. This led to the novel situation of American automobiles frequenting the streets of Holland. Model Cars, of Rotterdam, has re-created the scene, bringing Kaiser Manhattans back to Holland. They have commissioned a special 1953 Kaiser Manhattan, done in black and sporting Dutch license plates reading "Rt 1953". Limited to 500 pieces and with special "Rotterdam Deluxe, Model Cars, Rotterdam 1 of 500" labels on the older light tan box, these Brooklin specials were available from Model Cars. Forged versions of the black Kaisers were reported in September 1990. These models, packaged in dark brown Brooklin boxes, had standard BRK29 Kaiser Manhattan labels and were standard models that had been repainted black. The interiors were the standard pale grey. In addition, the 500 authentic black Kaisers from Holland were accompanied by a multi-color flier (actually an adhesive label), which shows a hand holding the Kaiser Manhattan with the Rotterdam shipyards in the background.





Harry Baur from Strasbourg, France, released a set of three Code 3 1953 Kaiser Manhattans. The first is a fire vehicle in red with gold lettering on each side identifying it as a fire chief’s car. It sports a roof spotlight and it is numbered on the base. It was limited to 50 pieces.




The second Code 3 by Harry Baur is a taxicab in yellow with Yellow Cab designation on either side and a taxi sign on the roof. As with the previous version it is numbered on the base and limited to 50 pieces.




The third Code 3 by Harry Baur is a police car finished in black with a State Highway Patrol insignia on each door. It has a single spotlight on the roof and it is numbered on the base. It was limited to 50 pieces.




In the series of Fleetway Taxis, David Angel produced in 2012 a Code 3 1953 Kaiser Manhattan as a Taxi cab. It is finished in yellow with red roof, tan interior and green license plate. A white Taxi sign is visible on the roof and red decals are applied on the doors with the Fleetway logo and telephone number. Only 2 were made.




The BRK29B 1954 Kaiser Manhattan was released in December 2002 and deleted in January 2005. It is finished in medium green metallic with light beige interior and white license plate. Although it is identified as BRK29B it is quite different from the BRK29A, with a redesigned front grille and hood, a wider back window and added chrome details. In February 2005 it was replaced by the BRK29C, a two tone version finished in blue comet metallic with arctic white roof and black license plate. This model was deleted in January 2009.




Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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