Two standard editions of the 1952 Studebaker Commander Convertible were made. The first one was released in April 1992, preceded by the Indy pace car factory special. It is finished in chestnut brown with dark brown/cream interior and green license plate, two color shades are known to exist. It was deleted in 1995 when the second standard was released, finished in orange brown with dark brown/cream interior and black license plate. This was deleted in April 1997. Both have whitewall tyres.



The second Brooklin special was released in late October 1991 as Indianapolis 500 pace car. The 1952 Studebaker Starlight Coupe was modified into the Commander convertible configuration and done in baby blue with red interior, black steering wheel and white convertible top boot. The license plates are white and appropriately read "BRK17A INDIANA". The Indy 500 pace car decals on the sides are done accurately in black, red, and white and tie the overall color theme together. The baseplate has “1 of 3000” designation.



Coca-Cola Brooklins include 25 1952 Studebaker Commanders in yellow orange with "Coca-Cola" on the doors that were created in 1995 and are considered Code 3. These models were a conversion of the Indy pace car, hence the “1 of 3000” designation on the baseplate.



Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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