The standard 1952 Hudson Hornet Convertible (BRK36) was released in January 1992 and deleted in January 1998. It is finished in green with light green interior, brown tonneau, yellow license plate and whitewall tyres.


The 1998 W.M.T.C. is a very special model because it comes with an open hood and engine detail. Engine option is the big straight 6 as detailed in the 1952 catalogue and the model is supplied with a separate hood which fits the model in the open position. Color is French grey with a pale blue grey interior and dark blue tonneau. Furthermore, this special casting is unique to this model run and does not appear later as a standard. The engine is the 308-cubic inch, side-valve straight six, which could crank out 145 hp. Properly tuned, this motor gave the Hornet a top speed of 112 mph and made the 1952 Hornet almost unbeatable in the stock car racing circuit of its day. This despite the fact that other makes were running V-8's. In 1953, the addition of twin carburetors and dual manifold (Twin-H Power) increased horsepower to 160 and later that same year, a special racing setup, using a special cam and head, overbored cylinders, larger valves and higher compression, increased power even further, estimated up to 210 hp! Thus, this is an engine of historical engineering significance, one that should rightly be left uncovered and on display. This model was limited to just 250 pieces and presented in a special box.





The B.C.C. made an excellent choice for their 1995 special, arranging for the Brooklin factory to produce a Hollywood Hardtop version of the standard 1952 Hudson Hornet. The hardtop roof of this special model emphasizes the rounded, slab-sided styling of Hudson cars of the early 50's and the metallic Texas tan finish provides an excellent contrast to the elaborate chrome of the grille and front bumper and brilliantly displays the body lines of this American classic. Two different shades of the B.C.C. Hudson Hollywood have been noted, the first bearing a slightly yellowish cast and the other a greyer shade. A coordinated light brown fills the interior, with the dashboard finished in a mottled brown, giving the appearance of burred walnut. Curiously, the steering wheel is done in pale grey, matching no other part of the model and different even from that in the standard Hudson. Only 350 were produced with “B.C.C. 1995 1 of 350” cast in base.


Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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