A standard version of the 1952 Ford F1 Delivery Van (BRK42) finally emerged in 1994 after several special editions were produced. It was an ambulance in the livery of Jasper County, South Carolina, adjoining county to Beaufort County where John and Jenny Hall maintained a vacation home in Hilton Head Island for many years. It features emergency front and rear lights cast in the roof. It was deleted in January 1999.





The 1952 Ford F1 Delivery Van for Alka-Seltzer was released as a factory limited edition in May 1993. The overall appearance of baby blue with whitewall tyres conveys the appropriate feeling that medicinal relief should carry and the logo of "Speedy Alka-Seltzer" brings back memories. This model is authentically reproduced, using information obtained from the archives at Miles Laboratories, in Elkhart, Indiana, makers of Alka-Seltzer. 1952 was coincidentally the year of introduction for the "Speedy Alka-Seltzer" character and he was soon familiar to every American household. Only 1000 pieces of this special were produced.





In 1992 the C.T.C.S. commissioned their 14th annual show model, the 1952 Ford F1 Delivery Van with authentic decals for "Canada Dry The Champagne of Ginger Ales". The creation of authentic decals for the special is quite a story onto itself. The Canada Dry logo incorporates a map of Canada and the name of J.J. McLaughlin, Manufacturing Chemist, is noted on it. John Hall, by way of his former teaching days back in Ontario, had acquaintance with a member of the McLaughlin family and was able to get information and materials that ensured authenticity in the decal design. It was done with gold lettering and a map with multi-color details. Decals on the rear door include a multi-color crest and the words "Canada Dry - Toronto" in gold. The model, limited to a production run of 500, is forest green with grey interior, chrome details and hub caps, whitewall tyres, license plates reading "ONTARIO C.T.C.S. 20" and an authenticating marking cast into the baseplate, "C.T.C.S. ‘92 1 of 500".





The 16th annual Brooklin special sponsored by the C.T.C.S. was released at their Greatest Collectors Toy Show in October 1994 in Toronto. This model is a real beauty, actually a set, consisting of a 1952 Ford F1 Delivery Van in royal blue with blackwall tyres on red wheels and a matching single Horse Trailer (BRK62) in the same color scheme. The interior of the Ford F1, featuring a single seat, is done in light beige. The green Ontario license plates read "C.T.C.S. 94". This designation also appears on the baseplate, as well as the inscription "1 of 500". A simple chrome trailer hitch is attached below the rear bumper. Both the Ford Delivery Van and the trailer sport bold RCMP decals in red and gold, as well as the multi-color Royal Canadian Mounted Police herald and are authentic models of vehicles used by the R.C.M.P. for their Musical Ride show. Each C.T.C.S. Ford F1 and Horse Trailer Set is accompanied by a cardboard plaque in brown and gold bearing the C.T.C.S. logo and describing the Musical Ride. The presentation box is beautifully done in Brooklin blue with silver printing consisting of the R.C.M.P. herald and the designation "C.T.C.S. 1994". 500 sets were produced.





A charity raffle was held at the 25th Annual Greatest Collectors Toy Show, held in October 1994, benefiting children’s charities in Canada. First prize held a special interest to Brooklin collectors, as John and Jenny Hall generously donated a one-of-three 1952 Ford F1 Panel Delivery and Horse Trailer Set, finished in white and black and sporting the livery for the Ontario Provincial Police Mounted Division. Of the other two sets produced, one became part of the C.T.C.S. Brooklin Collection and the other remained in the Brooklin Models corporate archive.





Labatt’s Brewing Company is the largest brewer in Canada, producer of a famous beer. Two 1952 Ford F1 Delivery Vans were made by D.M.P Studios representing the vehicles used for the distribution of the beer across the country. One is finished in gold and one is finished in red, both have black interior and the company logo on the side panels. These Code 2’s were made in 40 pieces each color.





Momaco, France, commissioned a special 1952 Ford F1 Delivery Van sporting Michelin Tyre. The Van is done in bright yellow with the Michelin name in bold, black letters on the side panels. The blue Michelin logo appears on the doors and most strikingly the "Michelin Man", done as a separate casting painted in flat white, is found on the leading edge of the roof. This Brooklin, with its accurate Michelin livery, evokes an automotive spirit imported to the U.S. in the late 1950's, when foreign sports cars and foreign automotive equipment represented a feeling of speed and racing. A total of 750 models were produced, 200 were received by Brasilia Press for distribution to model car shops in the U.S., 550 pieces were taken by Momaco for their own distribution to Michelin dealerships. A darker shade of yellow exists.





The Modelex 1992 Show was the arena at which the latest in white metal model manufacturing was introduced to the collecting world. It was at this show that the prototypes and brass masters for 1993 Brooklin Model production were displayed. The show also had the privilege of introducing the commercial vehicle to be added to the Brooklin Collection, the 1952 Ford F1 Delivery Van. This show special is done in metallic green with red and gold lettering, continuing the style and appearance of their previous specials. A total of 750 were produced with “1 of 750” cast in base.





Norske Modellog Leketoysamlere (Norwegian Model and Toy Collectors) is an association of collectors interested in scale models and old toys. 1994 was not only the 5th anniversary of the Norwegian Toy Club, but Norway was the site of the Olympic Winter Games. In conjunction with these events, the club commissioned a 1952 Ford F1 Delivery Van in the livery for "Aftenposten", the largest newspaper in Norway. This van is light blue with light blue baseplate, grey interior and blackwall tyres. These trucks were used during the 1952 Olympic Games, which were held in Helsinki, Finland. A total of 250 were produced, complete with numbered and signed certificates and a club badge.





A total of 300 S.F.B.B.C. Ambulances were produced for the 5th anniversary of the club. Released in March 1993, this 1952 Ford F1 Delivery Van is done in off-white with two red crosses and the designation "Ambulance San Francisco General Hospital" on the side panel. The words "City and County of San Francisco" are found above the rear fenders and San Francisco's gold seal is found on the doors. The interior is done in medium grey, with blackwall tyres and yellow license plates. Red emergency lights and an ambulance sign for the roof, front and rear, are incorporated together in a streamlined chrome-plated casting specially designed and produced for this model by the Brooklin factory. A chrome siren on the left fender completes the presentation. “S.F.B.B.C. 1 of 300” is engraved in the baseplate.





The 1992 Brooklin special for the W.M.T.C. was the 1952 Ford F1 Delivery Van. This model continues the general theme of W.M.T.C. Brooklins in that it is done in maroon, with a beige interior, with the club's key logo in gold on the right rear door. It has distinctive markings, however, as a newspaper delivery truck for the club's newsletter "Small Talk". These words, done in black letters on a yellow background, are found on the side panels and advertising boards, reading "Special Edition", are found on the side doors. The number "92" appears on the roof margin above the windshield and the model sports whitewall tyres and a tan interior. A total of 250 models were produced.





It is one of the "Angel Collection" series of Code 3 fire vehicles. Made in 10 pieces, it is finished in red with black interior. The decals on the sides read “Detroit Fire Department” with “D.F.D.” letters on the doors. A chrome siren is mounted on the right fender and a red light is placed on the roof.



Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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