The first Mercury produced by Brooklin was the 1949 Coupe. It first appeared in 1983 in a number of shades of cream with red interior and blue license plate. It was soon followed by a green metallic version, which has also appeared in many shades from light to dark, cream interior and yellow license plate. All tyres are whitewall. This model was deleted in February 1994. In 1983 6 models were produced as a group in a trial color of light turquoise green. Some of the green models are know to exist with the B.C.D. base.


George Pekarik commissioned the show's first Brooklin special in February 1987 for the 9th Illinois Toy Show, a 1949 Mercury Coupe, done in metallic blue with grey interior. This model has a serialized base plate, engraved with a number between 1 and 100, with matching serialized Toy Show certificates, hand signed by George Pekarik. The production was limited to 100 pieces.


Miniature Cars commissioned two 1949 Mercury Coupe. The first one in 1988 is finished in different shades of dark blue metallic, with beige interior and yellow license plate. It was produced in 400 pieces. The second model was made in 1991 in medium blue metallic with red interior and yellow license plate. Only 200 pieces were produced.


The 1949 Mercury Coupe, released in March 1993,  was the B.C.D.'s first club special representing the James Dean Mercury as it appeared in the movie "Rebel Without a Cause”. It is done in black, with black interior and badges removed, as the car appeared in the movie. Original plans for this special were for the use of a matte finish, but paint trials and review of the general appearance led to the decision to use gloss black rather than a flat finish. Despite the change in finish, this special Mercury is a unique and distinctive model and is the first in a series of movie specials commissioned by the German club. “BCD 1 of 200” is cast in base and each model comes with a numbered certificate. Of the 200 produced only 100 were issued with James Dean figure made by Omen Miniatures. 50 extra figures in a different color were produced shortly afterwards. A one-off James Dean Mercury detailed by Mick Cooling was one of several models offered at a special auction held on May 21, 1994, at the grand meeting of the three Brooklin clubs and the W.M.T.C. for the benefit of the B.C.D.’s Stop Racism campaign. Winning bid was £775.

Author: Gianluigi Cappi


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