The standard 1948 Ford F1 Pick-up (BRK76) was based on a major modification of the BRK42 Ford F1 Delivery Van that first appeared in 1992. It was released in June 2000 and deleted in January 2004. It is finished in olive green with beige interior, yellow license plate on rear only and blackwall tyres. It is a revised version of the C.T.C.S. special released one year before with separate chrome door handles, door mirror and fuel filler.



Once again, the C.T.C.S. brought the premiere version of the 1948 Ford F1 Half-Ton Pick-up Truck, finished in the livery of the Algonquin Outfitters. Algonquin Outfitters specialize in wilderness canoe trips in Algonquin National Park and are the largest outfitters in this 8000 square kilometer area of Northern Ontario wilderness. The pick-up truck is painted dark green with light tan interior and carries the Algonquin Outfitters logo on its doors. The model also features two scale canoes in white with the Algonquin Outfitters logo on their bows. The canoes are mountable and removable from black-finished "H" frames in the truck bed. Grille and bumpers are painted white and blackwall tyres are mounted on dark green wheels. As is customary with C.T.C.S. Brooklin Models, the vehicle has plates reading "ONTARIO CTCS 99" and "C.T.C.S. 99 - 1 of 315" is cast into the baseplate.



This wrecker Ford F1 was commissioned to John Roberts by Bernard de Deurwarderer, a Belgian collector, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his office of architecture. It is finished in lime green with red interior and red wheels. On the bed there is a detailed boom in red with a red warning light, a spare tyre and a chrome hook at the end. Decals on the sides indicate the 10th anniversary and the name of the company. Only 25 pieces were made.



The Brooklin factory pulled out all stops in creating this very special model for the S.F.B.B.C. in 2003, modifying the 1948 Ford F1 Pick-up into a Light Fire Vehicle for the Ford Assembly Plant that was located in Richmond, California. Brooklin has fashioned an interpretation of a light fire vehicle that might have serviced the Richmond Assembly Plant. The entire vehicle is, of course, finished in a brilliant fire engine red, with white identifying lettering on the doors. Interior is done in dark grey with black steering wheel. Details used to modify the standard Pick-up include a chromed grille, front bumper, windshield wipers and rear view mirror. The cab sports a siren and two warning lights, as well as two plated grab handles. The bed is completely re-done and includes double hose reels and folded lengths of hose over a large storage compartment. Smaller details include a red tool box and four hose connector tubes. The left side of the truck features a hose connector and gauge panel, a section of ladder and a fire extinguisher in chrome. The right side has a step panel on the fender, an axe and another fire extinguisher in brass. The front license plate is light blue and reads "CALIFORNIA S.F.B.B.C.". 200 of these beautiful fire trucks were produced.

Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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