Brooklin has produced exceptionally fine reproductions of the 1935 Dodge KC-series truck, both of the step-roof van and the pick-up truck. The chromed radiator shell with charging ram hood ornament was optional equipment in 1935 and is found on the Brooklin model. No standard edition was made of the Dodge Pick-up, all are special models. All bases are E2 type, with running boards part of the chassis, except for the first model, C.T.C.S. 1984, which has the E1 type base, with separate running boards. All tyres are blackwall. Some specials are shown here.


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A.T. & T.

This Dodge Pick-up was produced in 1986 and considered by John Hall to be one of the best models he has ever produced. It is the Salem, New England Telephone truck with pole trailer. Based on the 1935 Dodge Pick-up, the telephone truck incorporates the tool boxes running the length of the bed that are typical of utility vehicles. The box castings are complete with door handles, hinges and key holes. The cab, bed, tool boxes and wheel rims are olive green with black fenders. A circular logo in black and white is found on the doors, with the Bell System symbol framed in the words "American Telephone and Telegraph Co. and Associated Companies". Below the tool boxes are the words "New England Tel & Tel Salem 201" in white letters on a rectangular black background. The model is made much more interesting by the inclusion of a telephone pole, longer than the truck, on a separate two-wheeled trailer. The pole is "attached" to the truck by the use of a silver colored cast metal chain, pressed over the end of the pole, and fitting over a trailer hitch mounted under the rear bumper. Detailing of chains are cast into the upper surface of the trailer and onto the truck bed between the tool boxes and are painted silver. 400 of this truck were produced, commissioned by Toys For Collectors.


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25 of the Dodge Pick-up and Trailer Sets, 1995 S.F.B.B.C. special,  were converted to a Bell Telephone Cable Truck, a Code 2 modification with permission of Brooklin Models. The master modeller Dave McGee was commissioned to perform the re-work. Carrying the familiar Liberty Bell logo in blue and white on the doors, the Dodge Pick-up was re-painted a medium dark green with black fenders, authentic to the telephone service vehicles of the era. An additional detail is the extension of green onto the radiator shell and headlight housings, an application which is more prototypically accurate. Of course, the cable trailer was re-painted to match the truck and the grill badge, windshield wiper and door handle bright work has been polished. Each model is numbered and box numbered and signed by Dave McGee.

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Done in royal blue, with cream fenders, cream interior and royal blue wheels, this special Dodge Pick-up sports the "G" logo of B.F. Goodrich in red and gold on the doors and has a separate cast metal sign, reading "Tires and Service" in gold, for placement amidst the finely cast tyre load. The production was limited to just 50 models, of which 10 were given to the company executives.


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George Pekarik, of Illinois Toy Show, commissioned in 1991 one of the most intricate and beautiful Coca-Cola Brooklins, the Dodge Pick-up for the Ronald McDonald’s Children’s Charity. This special is finished in white with red fenders, red wheels and yellow interior and a beautifully done barrel load in woodgrain in the bed. Decals are in red, white and yellow and include the McDonald’s logo in a red square on the doors and the Coca-Cola logo in a red square on the sides of the barrel load. "Benefit #2" appears on the side of the bed in red and "R.M.C.C. Miami Valley Chapter, Dayton, Ohio" appears in white letters on the rear side of the barrel. Baseplate has the designation "1 of 750". The model is packed in Brooklin's older style silver box with blue lettering. A total of 750 pieces were produced with $15,000 of the proceeds from sales going to the charity.

 Brooklin models - BROOKLIN AND THE 1935 DODGE PICK-UP


The Orange County Auxiliary fire truck is meant to be a representation of those used by the fire department of the city of Westminster, Orange County, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. This 1935 Dodge Pick-up has one of the most elaborate group of castings in the Brooklin line. The pick-up is utilized as the base for a planked platform which transforms the model into a small flat-bed truck. On this platform, which is painted flat grey, there is a beige-colored fire hose, coiled on a reel, with spoked wheels at each end. The reel ends and base are painted flat silver. A short black curved length of hose connects the reel to the platform and suggests the manner of water supply. Toward the front of the platform are attached two brass colored castings of hand-held 2½ gallon fire extinguishers. Toward the left edge of the platform, miscellaneous dials and switches are incorporated into the casting. The truck itself is fire engine red, including cab, box, fenders and wheel rims. The running boards are also painted red. The words "Orange County Fire 5" in gold are found on the doors. The word "Westminster" is found along the outer edge of the hood. This truck was commissioned by Toys for Collectors in 1985 with 250 models made.


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This Dodge Pick-up is part of set, with the Dodge Van, commissioned by Brian Harrison of B&L Models to John Roberts, conversion made with permission of Brooklin models. Pines County is a fictitious American county used by John for several models he made, mainly police vehicles. The name comes from Pines Way Industrial Estate where the Brooklin factory is situated. The pick-up is finished in grey with maroon metallic fenders, red interior and extra detailing. It features an orange boom with a hook and two red lights in the bed. Only 11 sets were made numbered 1 to 12, as number 7 was not made. They have a numbered certificate signed by John Roberts.


Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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