A single casting has been used for both Canadian and British production of the 1934 Chrysler Airflow, differing only in statement of country of manufacture on the baseplate. Early models are cream with blackwall tyres and blue license plates. Rectangular vents on the front fenders suggest that the model is specifically the Chrysler CU Airflow four-door sedan. Other details, including the windshield wipers, triple-blade bumpers and rear fender skirts, create a fine and authentic model. The following versions, produced in England, are in different shades of dark-blue and come with blackwall tyres. They have Robertson fixing screws on base. The late models are again in different shades of dark blue, but with whitewall tyres, suggesting that it might be more accurately the 1934 Chrysler CV Airflow Imperial four-door sedan. The model was deleted in February 1995. Two specials of the Crysler Airflow were made.




The 4th anniversary S.F.B.B.C. special in 1992 was a 1934 Chrysler Airflow as a San Francisco Fire Department car, from Engine Company 4, as the decal on the doors states. It sports a red light on the roof, a siren on the left front fender and is fire engine red with grey interior and red wheels. The red color allows all of the fine lines to show, starting at the bold sloping grille, then moving to the headlights, whose outer margin defines hood from fender. Tracing the hood back, past the side louvers, to the doors. Here, the line doubles, passing the door handles and extending to the trunk, where they flow down and around the spare tyre. It's easy to see how the Airflow got its name. And it looks just perfect for a Fire Chief’s car. Production was 300 pieces with “S.F.B.B.C. 1 of  300” cast in base.




In the series of Fleetway Taxis, David Angel produced in 2012 a Code 3 1934 Chrysler Airflow as a Taxi cab. It is finished in yellow with green fenders, grey interior and green license plate. Red decals are applied on the doors with the Fleetway logo and telephone number. Only 7 were made.


Author: Gianluigi Cappi


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