The 1932 Packard Light 8 was introduced in 1976, while Brooklin was still in Canada. The initial models feature dark maroon bodies with white or grey roofs. Later Canadian versions appeared in medium or light silver grey metallic with maroon fenders and grey roofs. Following the move to Bath, the light silver grey version was continued, with silver green or grey fenders and green or grey roofs. Different shades of colors can be found for roof and fenders, which sometimes are not easily recognizable. The final version, released in 1989, is in beige or cream with brown fenders and a tan roof and is also found in various shades. The model was deleted in 1989. The base of these models is engraved with “JS”, initials of Julian Stewart who used to make masters for John Hall until he decided to leave and start his own company, Durham Classics.

In 1989 a dark green top down convertible 1932 Packard Light 8 was produced, designated BRK6A. It has beige interior with black tonneau, black fenders and yellow license plate. The model was deleted in November 1994.




This is one of the few models from which no special was made, except for this Code 3 which I made in 2015, a companion of the 1935 Dodge Van and the 1940 Cadillac V16 Convertible Brooklin Specials. It is finished in silver metallic with white top, dark blue fenders and white license plate. The seats are painted beige and the little dashboard is detailed. It has original Brooklin stickers on the doors and on the trunk and it comes with an Omen figure which I painted and whose name is “Nigel”. I made three pieces of this model.


Author: Gianluigi Cappi


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