The 1931 Hudson Greater 8 was produced in 1981, early in Brooklin’s history, with Murray-designed "boat-tail" body done in a beautiful combination of orange with ivory fenders, blacked-out grille and foot treads in black on the running boards. The windshield frame is plated, as are the covers for the fender spares. These covers were removed in the final years of production with a dark orange color. Other details include louvers just below the radiator, rivets on the hood, markings for a jump seat in the rear and a step on the right-rear fender. The first edition has a silver detailed dashboard. This model is a beautiful representation of the "Hollywood speedsters" of the 1930's, driven by Rudolph Valentino and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. The model was deleted in April 1993.



The 1981 special commissioned by C.T.C.S. was a 1931 Hudson Greater 8 in a top up version. The model is finished in black with red fenders, light beige interior, beige roof and green license plate. The removable top was a special casting made for this model. Engraved on the baseplate is “CTCS Toy Show - 1981 1 of 250”, as only 250 pieces were made.



The set released in August 1990 consisted of the second edition of the Brooklin Collectors Guide and two special Brooklins. A BRK6X 1932 Packard Light 8 with body in dark blue, fenders and chassis in red, luggage rack in the rear in black and the interior in grey and a 1931 Hudson Greater 8 with body in red, fenders and chassis in blue and the interior in grey. This set was produced in a number of 500 with “1 of 500” cast in base.


 Author: Gianluigi Cappi


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