The Ford Model A Coupe was only produced in England, replacing the 1930 Ford Model A Tudor, and was also designated as BRK5 on the box label. But oddly the model’s baseplate has no number indication at all. The BRK5A designation was introduced in an attempt to clear the confusion. Most of the Ford Model A Coupes are found in different shades of green with black roof insert and fenders. The license plate is only on rear. The model was deleted in July 1985 and the last 250 had a signed certificate confirming this fact. Several special models representing fire vehicles were made based on the Ford Model A Coupe.




This model is done in fire engine red with black fenders and red wheels. The interior is tan and license plate is yellow. The lettering on the door is also done in yellow and reads "Chief" with "Norton" above it and "Fire Dept." below it. A fire extinguisher is found on the left running board. The Norton Fire Chief Car is an unauthorized Code 3 model. The Norton piece is much more primitive in detail than the Philadelphia Fire. The fire extinguisher appears to be machine turned from a brass rod rather than cast and it lacks detail. Of note is the fact that the tyres are metal, which establishes the early vintage of the piece.




The New Orleans Fire Prevention car is quite similar in appearance to the Norton Fire Chief car, with red finish and black interior, but with black wheels and features a bit more workmanship than the Norton. The lettering on the door, done in gold, is of finer quality and the fire extinguisher on the running board features the small hose and nozzle that would identify the real thing. The front of the model shows attention to detail, with the addition of a centrally located red warning light and a large siren. Additional running lights can be found near the sides of the engine cowling. Vinyl tires are found on the wheels, which were spray painted black before assembly, leaving silver hubs. This model was designed by Leslie Hurle and Alan Turner for a model car shop called Replicars in Holland. A total of 100 were produced by Brooklin Models with a plain cream box.






This model is fire engine red, both on the main body and on the fenders, thus differentiating it from the Norton and New Orleans fire coupes. Also, the fire extinguisher on the running board and the lights and siren are absent. Wheels are black. The only distinguishing feature is the small round decal found on the doors, which states "Battalion Chief, 9 D.P.S., Bureau of Fire", where D.P.S. stands for Division of Public Safety. Only 300 pieces were produced.




This is one of the Angel Collection series of Code 3 fire models. Made in only 3 pieces, it is finished in red with tan interior and black roof. The decals on the sides read “Chicago Fire Department” with “CFD” letters on the doors overlapped as an emblem. A chrome fire extinguisher is mounted on the left fender and an alarm bell is placed on the left door.



Author: Gianluigi Cappi


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