The Huggett Electrical building in Bath was used by John Hall when he moved the Brooklin factory from Brooklin, Canada to Bath, England in October 1979 and he established a very good relationship with the owner of the company. This led to the idea of making special Brooklin models to be given as Christmas gifts to customers of the Huggett Electrical company. In 1984 the first special model was produced. This was followed by four other specials in subsequent years again as Christmas gift to customers. The first three models were produced in a limited number accompanied by a certificate, while the last two had a larger production with the first 100 pieces going to Huggett Electrical and the rest made available to Brooklin collectors.


A special Dodge Van was produced in 1984, with body finished in medium green, grey fenders, black interior and green wheels. The side panel has an elongated silver rectangle, outlined in black. The words "Huggett Electrical Ltd. Bath" as well as the Huggett "H" logo are found in black on the silver rectangle. Some are found with black running boards and some without. It was limited to 100 models and comes with a certificate.



A special Dodge Pick-up was produced in 1987. It has a green body with grey fenders, black interior, green wheels and a grey transformer load in the bed with Huggett logo on the doors. It was limited to 100 models accompanied by a certificate



The third limited edition for the Huggett Electrical Company was released in December 1988. This was a Code 2 piece, numbering 80 in quantity, with the company logo decaled onto the trunk of gold Tucker Torpedoes with the permission of Brooklin Models.



The 1953 Pontiac Van was the 1990 special made for Huggett Electrical. Painted in medium green with black interior, it features the Huggett logo on the side panels. 500 models were produced, with the first 100 certificated and given to Huggett Electrical customers.



In 1991 Huggett Electrical chose the Ford Van, in "Huggett’s green" with black interior, wheel rims in grey and whitewall tyres. The company logo in silver and green is found on the side panels and on the doors. 100 models were certificated for customers and the remaining 700 were made available to collectors. The 1991 Huggett's was the final release of the Ford Van.



Author: Gianluigi Cappi

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