In 1955 Dodge decided to make a car aimed at Women as their marketing departments had observed more women taking an interest in cars and the concept of ‘La Femme’ was born.

The original cars were painted in pink and had a number of matching accessories included. With this in mind in 2019 some of the ladies working at the Brooklin models factory asked to be given a free leash to choose some new pink colours for some of the existing models in our range and so became ‘the pink collection’ but times have changed and this collection is aimed for everyone not just Women!

This is our very own ‘tribute’ to ‘la femme’ with our 1955 Dodge Coronet, again colours chosen by the ladies here at the factory and with some added extras… take a look through the back window and you will see the purse and raincoat compartments on the backs of the seats and a beautiful 1:43 scale umberella and handbag on the back seat…painted in…of course…Pink!

Available in the new collectors box and also in the luxury box

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1955 Dodge Coronet 4-door Sedan "Pink Collection"

1955 Dodge Coronet 4-door Sedan "Pink Collection"

Collector Box
Luxury Box