Following the end of the second world war Raymond Mays, Who has built and raced the pre-war ERA’s, put together a consortium of nearly 350 companies to build an all British grand prix car. The resultant Type 15 BRM had a supercharged V16 engine producing almost 600bhp from just 1.5 litres, in 1949!
However it proved to complicated and unreliable, the organisation too unwieldy and the car difficult to drive.
The cars’ very public debut failure at Silverstone in 1950 was followed by two wins, driven by Reg Parnell, at Goodwood later in the year. But success did not continue, the project eventually coming under control of the car parts manufacturer Rubery Owen. A change in engine formula meant that, despite a lengthy development period, the cars were no longer eligible for Grands Prix and by 1956 BRM had moved on to the simpler P25.
The cars remain an enigma to this day with the Owen family commissioning Hall and Hall to build three continuation cars in the early 2020’s.
SMTS would like to thank the Owen family for their help in developing this model.

Material: Resin with metal parts

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1952 BRM V16 No.5 Gonzales

1952 BRM V16 No.5 Gonzales