The fourth edition of the Brooklin Illustrated Collectors Guide is completely new and it comes in a hardcover book format, printed on high quality paper. All the pictures have been professionally processed to get the best definition and colors. The text of the previous editions has been completely revised and corrected if necessary. The total number of pages is now almost 450 with over 1600 pictures.


Dimension: lenght: 32,8 cm.; width: 24,8 cm.; height: 3,8 cm. 

Weight: 3 kgs.


These are the Guide contents:

- Brooklin Collection. All models are described from BRK1 to BRK227, the last model released just before printing, adding new versions and pictures of older models when required.

- Brooklin Limited Collection. This chapter is completely new and covers all models from BML1 to BML31, including the story and the picture of the real car from which the model was designed.

- Club and Show Models. All the models issued for Brooklin Clubs or other clubs and shows are shown in this chapter, up to the last models released.

- Other Collections. Besides the Buick Collection, Pontiac Collection, International Police Vehicles, Community Service Vehicles, Hot Rod, new chapters have been added: US Model Mint, Vatican Cars, Pink Collection.

- Appendix. Books, Boxes, Catalogs, Gadgets and more, all updated to the last issues.


As the back cover says: “A fascinating journey into the history of American cars from the Great Depression and World War II to the Golden Age of the 50s and 60s, narrated by the beautiful white metal miniatures made by Brooklin Models. Over 1600 pictures and historic description of the models will take you back to the glorious past of American automobile.”

Brooklin Illustrated Collectors Guide + FREE Update to Volume I

Brooklin Illustrated Collectors Guide + FREE Update to Volume I