Riva Yacht

The Riva legend was born in 1842 and reaches us today gliding in all its glory on a wave of innovation, design and elegance. From pioneer of Italian motorboating in the ‘20s and ‘30s, with numerous records and victories on the water, since the ‘50s the Sarnico boatyard has become creator of dreams and style, synonymous with perfection and extreme attention to detail. Loved by royalty and the jet set, symbol of the “Dolcevita”, pride of Italian design, Riva boats are the object of desire of all lovers of boating and beauty.

Riva’s secret is simple: a glorious past, made of quality, speed, elegance and design and a present commitment: never being content with resting on its laurels.

Riva boats represent a refined, elegant and timeless beauty, synthesis of cutting-edge design and high performance.

Several years ago Brooklin Models suggested to Riva Yacht that we produce a 15cm long metal finished scale model of the famous Riva “Aquarama” sports boat. Riva did not like this idea at all until Brooklin presented them with production samples for review, the all metal finish surprised Riva with its unique beauty and it quickly became a sales success for Riva merchandising. Following this we were delighted when Riva Yacht requested that Brooklin produce another model in metal, their new RIVAMARE.



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